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  • Western musicologist on Hindustani music.
  • Glimpses on Indian musicology.
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  • Exploration in Indian Music
  • Music Therapy Today
  • Fine Arts for a promising tomorrow (Eng.)
  • Vaishwikaran mein Lalit Kalaon ke Vividh Ayam (Hindi)

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  • Pt. Brij Bhushan Kabra ka Vyaktitve Avm Kratitve
  • Sitar Ki Utpatti Gharane Avm Sonderyatmak Mulya
  • Effect of Music on prisoners

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  • After Submission of the research project based on music therapy entitled, "Effect of music on Prisoners", I am regularly visiting various Jails of India to give Therapeutic sessions, to treat them with music.
  • Working rigorously on women and child education in remote areas
  • Undertaken a self - financed project on Nagla Baghel Grameen Mahila Utthan Yojna
  • Giving free music education to the people below poverty line.
  • Contributing towards Social Reforms through upliftment of neglected Girl children.
  • Participated in ‘Brahamnad’, a concert of Sitar where 1200 Sitarists performed in a single platform to raise funds for Bihar Flood Relief.
  • Many programmes organized for Community Work through N.S.S and rendered Social Service as Programme Officer including N.S.S. DEI.
  • Research work done on evolution and aesthetics of Sitar. The work was a result of my studies of Indian and Persian literature, old miniature paintings, sculptures and interviews with various traditional Sitarists, Sitar makers and musicologists through the country
  • Submitted a major research project entitled 'Effect of music on Psycho -social stress of Prisoners' funded by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi.
  • Research work done on "Contribution of Prominent Indian & Western Musicologist in Hindustani Music after 1947”.
  • Guided around 15 students for their research work. And many of them awarded for Ph. D